Nowing some thing approach understanding the characteristics of it. “Knowledge” isn’t not anything but a judgment about the “existence-satisfactory” relation. Don’t we ask such a lot of questions to the income assistant and try and analyze the features of a kitchen appliance that we’re purchasing for?

This principle also applies for our Almighty Lord, Allah, who’s the motive for our lifestyles, creates us, affords our livelihood, maintains our survival with the advantages He offers, educates and turns us into stunning, moral and mature human beings. The more we familiarize ourselves with the attributes of our Lord, the more we realize His almighty entity. The mounted term “characteristic” is used to explain the features of the travel haji plus  Almighty Creator. Our Fiqh (Islamic Law) Scholars reviewed the content of Qur’an, and Hadiths, and positioned forth the attributes of Allah and transferred them to us in element.

# The second technique of Marifetullah (knowing Allah) is transference

Excluding the methodological know-how this is referred to as “usul”, Islamic sciences contains of 5 main departments; Qur’an and Tafsir (Exegesis), Hadith (Prophetic Tradition), Kalam (Islamic Theology), Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Tasawwuf and Akhlaq (Sufism and Morals).

The department engaged with Islamic Law is known as “Fiqh”. Fiqh is a department of science which presents the facts and provisions on the subject of Islamic Belief, Worship, Morals, Life fashion and Law based totally on the verses of the Qur’an and Hadiths. The phrase ‘fiqh’ way knowledge some thing very well. An expert who specializes on fiqh are called “Faqih”.

According to Faqihs, understanding Allah is handiest possible by way of understanding his attributes as have been explained inside the verses and hadiths.

Knowing Allah via the records sent via the prophet, in other phrases by means of the attributes referred to within the verses and hadiths and the manner our faqihs forwarded is called the “transference” approach. This method is the second after the “reasoning” technique that’s the first step toward learning Allah as we tried to explain in our preceding articles.

Some of Allah’s attributes are those which most effective He possesses. No living being but Allah Himself possesses the ones attributes. These are referred to as the “Personal Attributes” of Allah. They are:

1. Wujud (lifestyles)

2. Qidam (no beginning of His lifestyles)

three. Baqa (no quit of His lifestyles)

four. Wahdaniyah (oneness, life of no different deity)

five. Qiyam bi-nafsihi (being capable of live on Himself with out the want of every other being)

6. Muhalafatun lil-hawadith (no similarity to beings He created)

# The personal attributes of Almighty Allah are particular to Him

Dear Readers,

Allah’s personal attributes are specific to Him, which no different being possesses them however Him. Assuming the lifestyles of these attributes in other beings would be blasphemy. Therefore, every person who has even a bit faith of their heart ought to realize, understand those and keep away from talking or behaving in opposition to these.

Today’s article is set those private attributes.

• Allah exists.

Allah exists. However, lifestyles of Allah isn’t always like the life of an item. The lifestyles of Allah is absolute. His life does not relate to the life of different things. Should everything else but Allah disappeared, Allah would still exist.

Material and Spiritual worlds are created afterwards. Existence of living beings is handiest viable by means of Allah’s blessing for them to continue to exist. Their lifestyles completely is predicated on Allah. If Allah (swt) does no longer hold them in life, they’ll no longer be capable of live on. Therefore, the life of the created beings is a relative existence. In a experience, their existence do no longer has a real meaning just like the existence of Allah but a metaphorical meaning. Some verses from the Qur’an order:

“That is because Allah – He is the Reality;” (Hajj, sixty two)

“On that Day Allah pays them returned (all) their just dues, and they may understand that Allah is the (very) Truth, that makes all matters happen.” (Nur, 25)

• The lifestyles of Allah is everlasting and perpetual.

There is no beginning or stop of the life of Allah. However, all the created things have a beginning and give up.

“He is the First and the Last, the Evident and the Hidden.” (Hadid, three)

“And verily, it is We Who deliver lifestyles, and Who give death: it’s miles We Who stay inheritors (in the end else passes away).” (Hijr, 23)

“And name now not, except Allah, on some other god. There isn’t any god however He. Everything (that exists) will perish except His Face. To Him belongs the Command, and to Him will ye (all) be added lower back.” (Qasas, 88)

Should Allah needs, He can bless a number of the things He created with immortality. He can hold them in existence forever. However, this doesn’t suggest that these things have end up immortal by means of themselves.

Assuming that the universe is everlasting (like a few humans, who see materialistic philosophy as a norm of perception, do) is a result of not knowing Allah enough. Neither the fabric nor something inside the fabric international is eternal. Everything in the cloth international has a starting, improvement manner and an stop. Not best each phenomenon that we’ve the opportunity to take a look at round us but all the natural sciences and the facts acquired by way of the space and celestial researchers indicate this. The best life this is everlasting is of Allah (swt). One should chorus from crediting other beings however Allah with those attributes.

• There isn’t any other god however Allah.

Allah is unique. There isn’t any divine energy but Him. He is unique in His life, introduction and paintings. Allah creates whatever He wishes. He arranges, organizes and manages the matters He creates. He specifies the characteristics that every item will possess and designs them as He needs. He determines and assigns any modifications to arise on every item inside the future. Then, He realizes those while the time comes. He does not get any energy, help, aid, records, energy or strength from everywhere, anyone or item as a way to comprehend those. He is the only who creates people, information, electricity, energy and electricity. Everything living or non-dwelling, cloth or non secular gets their existence, disposition, capabilities, strength and power from Him. If He doesn’t want, even a fly can’t flow its wing. He is precise in His introduction, work and act. There is not any identical or similar being to Him and He has no companions or assistants. One have to no longer worship items, people, saints or prophets. Prophets and their successors are folks that are assigned to tell us the reality, tell us the life, regulations and orders of Allah and lift us as educated mature human beings. One have to without a doubt love and recognize them. However, one should not worship them. This is a blasphemy. All objects and humans are creatures. Created things cannot be deity. No one however Allah has any energy or energy. The power, power and all other characteristics and competencies possessed by way of the entirety are granted by Allah. The author of all human beings and their movements is likewise Allah.

Some people are wrong via the things that Allah (swt) created inside the fabric global, the creation of them primarily based on reasons associated to certain rules and a application and obtaining positive results while clinging to certain reasons. This leads them to regarding themselves as powerful. Whereas Allah is the author and absolute ruler of the whole lot; He is absolutely the grasp of every statistics and strength. He does not companion each person to His lifestyles, attributes, creations and handling the universe. He is particular. No one must have any doubt on this. Some verses from the Qur’an order:

“Say: He is Allah, the One;” (Ikhlas, 1)

“Allah. There is not any god but He! To Him belong the most Beautiful Names.” (Ta-ha, eight)

“Your God is One God.” (Nahl, 22)

“If there have been, within the heavens and the earth, different gods except Allah, there could were wreck in each! But glory to Allah, the Lord of the Throne: (High is He) above what they characteristic to Him!” (Anbiyaa, 22)

“Say: If there were (different) gods with Him, as they are saying,- behold, they would honestly have sought out a way in submitting to the Lord of the Throne!” (Isra, forty two)

“Had Allah needed to take to Himself a son, He should have selected whom He thrilled out of those whom He doth create: however Glory be to Him! (He is above such things.) He is Allah, the One, the Over powering.” (Zumar, 4)