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How Facebook News Feed Changes Could Affect Your Business Marketin

Picking up some information as an afterthought remains a familiar exercise even in the digital age, whether it is grabbing a New York Times together with your Starbucks or a USA Today even as ready to board an aircraft.

For a organization with deep pockets, CNN might also turn out to be the following brilliant news impulse purchase.

Rupert Murdoch has made a formidable, $seventy five billion bid for Time Warner. While the acquisition is some distance from a reality, one of the many possible aspect consequences of this kind of deal might be CNN going up for sale, so as to keep away from antitrust issues due to conflicts with Fox News. CNN’s sale, if it took place, ought to fetch an envisioned $6 billion to $eight billion, an unnamed character familiar with the problem told Bloomberg. (1)

Speculation abounds regarding which company would need to choose up CNN, must the cable network become to be had. Popular guesses consist of CBS, Disney and Yahoo. Google, whilst much less possibly, has also been noted as a contender; Porter Bibb, coping with companion at Mediatech Capital Partners, pointed out that the network might be a super complement to Google-owned YouTube. (2)

This speculation were given me thinking: What approximately john frog Facebook?

Facebook introduced earlier this yr that it’d accumulate WhatsApp for $19 billion. That price turned into around 3 instances the envisioned cost of CNN, for a business enterprise that had, at maximum, $three hundred million in sales on the time the deal turned into introduced. I have no opinion approximately the WhatsApp deal, commonly because I have nearly no idea what WhatsApp does. (At my age, this lack of information is permitted, though not encouraged. Thanks to Google I understand, vaguely, that WhatsApp lets users send messages and percentage data, which I notion I was already doing.) I do recognize, however, that CNN has actual viewers and makes actual, though now not sizeable, profits.

I spend a big part of each day amassing statistics. I troll a spread of information sites to find out approximately matters which might be critical to me. I additionally take a look at Facebook to find out approximately those who are important to me. Because those humans often share and remark upon news items, and due to the fact I on occasion react to the matters they percentage, Facebook undoubtedly already has a few idea which topics are essential to me. If Facebook desired to store me the problem of scanning six news websites a day, I’d be glad to inform them more.

It has lengthy been a given that Facebook wants to realize as a lot as viable approximately what its users do all around the Internet. And of course Facebook wants to maximize the quantity of time its customers spend on Facebook itself. So why wouldn’t Facebook need to get into the business of imparting me with news that I, in flip, may share with my pals? It would imply my friends and I might all spend greater time on the social community, that is exactly what Facebook and its advertisers in the long run need.

Facebook additionally has a records of acquisitions, now not all of which were intuitive from the outdoor. In a smaller deal than its WhatsApp buy, the business enterprise obtained virtual truth begin-up Oculus VR earlier this 12 months. Bystanders have guessed that the acquisition become the entirety from a conceitedness purchase by CEO Mark Zuckerberg to an extended-time period try to expand a Google Glass competitor. Either manner, Facebook has tested that it is inclined to reach outdoor its existing version. Comparatively, a information employer might now not be a whole lot of a stretch.

Zuckerberg is a vivid guy who has some cash at his disposal. He would not want me to inform him a way to spend it. If he can snag CNN for, say, $7 billion, it would be roughly the equivalent of me selecting up People mag on the checkout counter. (In my case, only a reproduction of the modern-day issue, no longer the actual publication itself.) If CNN catches Zuckerberg’s eye, there is no question he’s going to recognize what to do with it.

So it would not surprise me if Facebook were given into the information enterprise. It could appear to be one of the extra logical approaches for the social network to move about filling its customers’ information feeds.