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Halo Engagement Ring Guide: What is A Halo Ring?

When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you may be faced with a variety of choices in terms of diamond shape, color and style. However, if you want extra sparkle and visual impact, a diamond engagement  1 carat solitaire diamond ring price ring with halo setting would be the perfect match for you. There is no denying that although the halo ring came late to the scene, it has been a huge hit since its introduction due to its classic and stylish design, especially with celebrities and royalty.


DR halo engagement ring


If you are buying a diamond engagement ring for the first time, do you know what a halo ring is and what are you looking for in a ? No need to panic, the article will take you through a comprehensive guide to halo engagement rings.

What is A Halo Ring?

A halo ring refers to a diamond setting that uses tiny accent stones surrounding the main stone, and is generally popular as a single halo ring and a double halo ring. All types of diamond shapes can be halo set and the accent stones can be the same shape as the main stone or a different shape, for example a cushion halo engagement ring can be surrounded by small round brilliant diamonds.

The halo of tiny diamonds shimmer and shine, adding extra pomp and sparkle to the main stone with a highly Art Deco aesthetic. In addition, against the halo, a ¼ carat, 3 carat or 5 carat main diamond is created with the illusion of being half a carat larger than it actually is.

Halo Ring Meaning

A fixed mindset assumes that the more diamonds there are, the more gorgeous the engagement ring will be. This is why, inspired by the glamorous trends of the times, halo rings were designed to add a charming or luxurious touch to jewelry and to define the mood and character of the ring with the prominent diamond. However, the original halo ring design was used to reflect the beauty of a flower.

Halo Ring History

The history of halo engagement rings dates back as far as the Victorian era (1837-1901), when colored diamonds were often used as the center stone surrounded by slightly smaller diamonds, colored stones and even pearls to mimic nature’s flowers. Victorian halo engagement rings were the most feminine and romantic of all.

The diamond halo engagement ring really became known to the public in the 1920s, an Art Deco era known for its emphasis on symmetry and geometric patterns. Since halo diamond rings at this time were more symmetrical and cutting techniques were more advanced, they fit well with the Art Deco aesthetic and became hugely popular. It was during this era that the round halo diamond ring was born and became a classic halo ring style along with the cushion halo engagement ring.

Halo Ring Styles

Halo rings can be classified into various styles depending on the main diamond cut, such as round halo engagement rings, cushion halo engagement rings, princess cut halo engagement rings, etc. Each shape has a unique appeal and its own characteristics.


round halo engagement ring


This is by far one of the most popular halo diamond rings, featuring a round main diamond surrounded by small brilliant round diamonds. Because of its ultimate symmetry and beauty making it truly timeless.


● Princess cut halo ring – The princess cut halo ring is vintage with a rectangular or square main diamond with distinct cut edges. Those small round diamonds blend classic brilliance with modern angles, making the princess cut halo ring second only to the round halo engagement ring in popularity.


● Cushion cut halo engagement ring – The cushion cut halo ring is the perfect blend of round and princess cut diamonds, featuring the soft look of a round halo ring and the romantic look of a princess cut ring. It appeals to many who love vintage jewelry.


● Emerald diamond halo ring – The emerald halo ring has a predominantly square main stone profile with a unique stepped cut. Its length makes for a flattering finger with an engagement ring.


● Oval halo ring – The oval halo ring, as the name implies, is an oval main stone with a sparkle similar to that of the popular round diamond. It is a representation of soft and vintage appeal.


● Pear halo ring – The pear halo ring has a slender teardrop shape and is a combination of marquise and oval cut. It is an unusual and extraordinary shape that combines elegant curves and striking angles.


heart halo ring


Halo Ring Settings

Depending on how the diamond is set, halo rings can be divided into hidden halo rings, single halo rings, and double halo rings.

● Hidden halo ring – A hidden halo ring refers to the tiny round diamonds concealing underneath the main diamond, i.e. when viewed from above, there is only one diamond, but from all other angles you will see a halo of shimmering secondary diamonds. This halo ring design is more sought after by those with a low profile.


● Single halo ring – A single halo ring is a ring of small diamonds surrounding the main stone and is one of the most classic and stylish styles.


● Double halo ring – This type of engagement ring has an additional halo than the single halo ring, which is a ring of two small diamonds around the main stone. Double halo rings are preferred by those who are bold and seek luxury.


double halo engagement ring


Overall, the magnificence and style of halo diamond engagement rings make them a popular choice for many couples, second only to the classic solitaire ring. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also make the main diamond appear larger. So, no matter what your budget is, even a halo engagement ring with a smaller carat can give you value for money.


How to Buy a Halo Ring?

You may have a general idea of what a halo ring is scrolling down here. Depending on your style and preference, you are completely free to combine the halo rings according to the above mentioned styles and settings to get your own unique halo engagement ring. In addition to this, you should also be aware of the 4C standard that determine the value of a diamond, namely clarity, color, cut and carat, as the most meaningful thing on an engagement ring is the diamond.


In fact, there are a great number of engagement ring brands, such as Darry Ring, that follow the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) ‘4C’ grading standards to create a token of true love for each couple. guardian of true love for many couples around the world by creating the brand image of a unique DR engagement ring that can only be customized for the one and only love of your life. At Darry Ring, there are many styles and settings of diamond halo rings to choose from, including double halo round engagement rings, double halo heart engagement rings, etc. You are even allowed to customize your unique DR halo engagement ring to suit your individual needs.