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Could Solar Roads Reduce Pollution?

Scientists have invested a large portion of the past decade trying to improve solar powered panels that are used for taking energy from the sun. Although modular panels are utilized in homes and commercial buildings but the idea of putting the panels on roads is taking off quickly. However, the latest plan to make its way onto the roads (literally) is making roads with solar panels made from ruggedized glass instead of typical asphalt.

Roads that pay for themselves

In terms of solar technology news is concerned even though this idea appears a bit bizarre and unusual, it’s the concept that comes from Scott and Julie Burcaw who are residents of Idaho. The couple designed their modular pavement in the year 2009. The couple has stated that solar panels employed in their plan can handle a load of more than 250,000 pounds (which is four times the weight limit of a semi-truck) and last for up to 20 years. The tough panels will have the ability to melt snow and ice upon contact and provide warm light through LED bulbs, so that motorists are able to see the debris on the roadbest solar street lights.

Solar panels identical to those that are found in the normal solar panels that are utilized in homes. Solar panels covered in a special version of bulletproof glass that has been created and tested at the most prestigious research and materials centers located at Penn State and University of Dayton. The foundation layers for the solar panel that will be employed for the project will comprise 90% recycled glass from a manufacturing perspective is the most efficient method of producing material needed for this huge project.

After constructing and testing the prototype with funds through the FHA (Federal Highway Administration) the couple is planning to put their solar panels in place across in the U.S. which will be quite a big undertaking considering the number of motorways and highways located in the U.S already.

Co2 Reduction

A grid that utilizes solar roads would not just create electricity for street lights , and perhaps the homes around them, but it could help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air through the provision of sustainable and renewable energy. The long-term goal by the pair is the replacement of their power grid by an intelligent grid that will not just benefit the environment but the economy.

The Latest Update

According to the most recent solar technology news concerning Solar Roadways, the project has already been the most successful campaign ever to be launched by IndieGoGo and, even though its campaign on the crowd-funding website has only a few days to go and it is clear that the Solar Roadways campaign has gone far beyond the initial goal of 1 million dollars. The key to this success is the contribution that has been received from more than 35 thousand people from more than forty nations. Way to go Scott and Julie!